Rolf Schimmermann



Rolf Schimmermann is based in Lucerne (Switzerland), the town where he was born. He attended the prestigious Conservatory “Schola Cantorum” in Paris. His formative years as a composer, pianist and keyboarder were spent under Pierre Boulez at the IRCAM Institute (Institute de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique) at “Centre Pompidou” in Paris, where he focused on electronic music and free improvisation. During this time in Paris he composed works for ballets and dance (including municipal theatre Aachen/Köln/Wuppertal) and soundtracks, including the film “Antarctic” by Fred Thielmann (under the direction of UNESCO).

The legendary “Impresario” Pio Chesini (concert organisation of the same name) organized a series of concerts in the USA, Japan, Israel and Italy for Rolf between 1980 and 1995,.
Robert Trunz (Melt2000) made it possible for Rolf Schimmermann to work in the legendary Abbey Road Studios and acquired many contacts for him in England. The publication of two CD’s on “Melt2000” represents Rolf’s work in the area of fusion, jazz and pop. Working with Ray Russell, Miriam Stockley, Mo Foster and the drummer Fredy Studer, as well as Simon Phillips, played an important role in Rolf Schimmermann's musical progression.

Currently, he is a professor at the “University of Teacher Education for Central Switzerland PHZ”


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